16 juli 2011

Yeah, I'm at Blend.nl

As you already might know, I was at the Amsterdam Fashionweek last thursday to be a model for Tony Sacharias. Never had been at something like this before, but it was really past all belief. It was so incredibly hectic backstage, but I enjoyed it so much and we had a lot of fun with all the make-upartists of Maybelline, hairdressers of Redken and with the models. There was press all over the place, I had like six photoshoots in one day and they made like more than a hundred photos of me. Really every second is photographed by one of the photographers. The show went sooo well and I loved our outfits, they were soo amazing and pretty. It was a liiiiitle bit difficult to walk on our shoes, well let's say: wooden plateaus with a few ties to fasten the shoes around our ankles. Our hair was also amazingly. They made a little ponytail at the back of my head and fasten that on top of our head. After that they curled the left and the rightside of my hair and they turned it up to the top of my head (with a lot of pins: 46) When I got home after this long, but perfect day, I went looking for the photos at the internet and of course also the backstage ones. I found myself at blend.nl and of course at aifw.nl

It seems like I'm praying to god at the last picture, but actually I wasn't, my eyes aren't even closed at this one. ;)

Source | Blend

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