13 juli 2011

New jewelry

Finally, my camera is back home and just after making some pictures my laptop was crashing. But now everything is working again, so fiiiiiiiiiinally a new blogpost. With a lot of exciting news and beautiful pictures of my new jewelry, made with my lovely new 55-200 zoomlens for my Nikon. I kinda fell in love with 'm.

Next year I will be studying an economic study in Zwolle, so yesterday I went looking for some appartements for my boyfriend and me, together with my mom. We found a lovely one in the centre of Zwolle, behind the huge shoppingstreet, facing the cinema. So I guess I will be visiting a lot of movies next schoolyear! I am so happy with the appartment, it is really big, light and settled in a perfect street. Can't wait with painting the walls and the furnishing. Already bought lovely stuff for the appartment, but I still have to buy a lot of things.

Tomorrow I will be a model for Tony Sacharias in his show at the Amsterdam Fashionweek! I still can't quite believe it, but it will be amazing. Oh yes it will. I have to be at the Westergasfabriek, near the Westerpark, together with three other models I already know, so that is gonna be so much fun backstage!

Below some pictures of my new jewelry. Enjoy, and I hope I promise I will post a new one very soon! I'm off now, watching the show of Tony Cohen live @ aifw.nl.


1. Ring with gold and a cremewhite gemstone
2. Golden ring with cute pattern
3. Silver ring with flowers
4. My new rings are perfectly matching the other things in my jewelryshell
5. Cremewhite bracelet with huge roses, love the quality of this picture
6. Pearl-golden bracelet and cute darkbrown leather one with little flower I got from my bf
7. Silver with precious details
8 and 9. Cute bottle with laces for my pearly bracelets
10, 11 and 12. New box for little beautiful things I got

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