31 juli 2011

I we heart it

I know, it's been a long time ago. Really sorry for that, but I have been so busy last week. I bought a lot of things for my appartment and last friday we got the keys. (And with keys I mean: eight keys, so not-cool for a person like me whose things are always lost) Yesterday we painted all the walls in the livingroom, just off-white. And I start loving the little window in the corner more and more. I hope I'm able to post some pics of the appartment really soon. We also painted two walls in the bedroom, the other ones are covered in brown-white-striped wallpaper <3 Last friday I got my first bouquet of flowers, lovely pink ones. And you gotta believe me, it is amazing in a big, off-white-painted room. Today I found out a lovely site: We heart it. Filled with the most wonderful pictures of things that people like. Below some of my favourites and with this I will promise I'll post appartmentpictures soon! Just like cribs of MTV, taking a look in my appartment :)


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