21 juli 2011

Berlin in one day

I just got back home after an amazing week filled with exciting things. Last sunday I went to Berlin, because my boyfriend cycled from Holland to Berlin in just six days. So I was there to give him a comfortable voyage back to home, by car obviously. Monday we visited Berlin, just a few hours, but i fell in love with that city. The weather was perfect, actually a little bit too sunny (my skin was crayfishy red after just one day, hihi) I saw the main important things of Berlin like der Berliner Dom with its lovely park with flowers, das Rotes Rathaus, der Fernsehturm, checkpoint Charlie, der Alexanderplatz, das Museuminsel and more stuff. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to visit das Kaufhaus des Westens, so I wasn't able to shop anyhow. Further I'm not sure if that's an excellent plan, when you're visiting a city with three male creatures..  We ate something at Dunkin Donuts and I do believe that they have the best donuts at the entire world. I had a chocolatdonut with coconut and they had like donuts with green apple, blue sticky blend and way more. It wasn't expensive at all, so I really want to visite that shop more often. They also had really cute muffins, definitely worth trying and with that I'm having a good reason to come back. The Einstein Kaffee's are also amazing, they sell delicious sorts of tea, coffees and things like hot chocolat and cappucino. You can find them at almost every corner of the mainstreets. The photos below are photos of Me and my lovely boyfriend at the park of the Berliner Dom, eating some donuts at Dunkin Donuts, fresh minttea with citron and my lovely vintage leather bag!

The day after my visit-Berlin-in-one-day I had a relaxing day, I bought the newest ELLE, because I left my one at the Amsterdam Fashionweek. Yeah, I know that I'm not the smartest person on earth (sometimes) Anyway: last wednesday I went looking for furniture with my boyfriend for our new appartment in Zwolle. We bought a lovely dining-table, little bit bar-like, higher than the normal ones. With four lovely fitting high chairs. And we also bought a perrrrrr-fect couchset, really. It's like a 2,5m long couch and a loveseat in the same style. Little bit design-looking with chrome stands. Can't wait to go in the appartment, we have to wait till next friday, then we will receive the key. Earlier than expected, really happy with that!

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