14 april 2011

Happiness all over the place

''AMFI-mail!'' (à la ANTM)
I am so so so so extremely happy. I just got home from school when my mom told me that i had got mail. It was a letter from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. That could only mean one thing: I passed the first assignment, or  I didn't. I opened the envelope and all i saw was just the first sentence: ''As regard to your registration, your letter of motivation and the accomplished assignments, you're invited at the examination at may 28th'' I just can't believe I made it to the next round, it's amazing! I have to bring five magazines with me, ahh, another huge dilemma!

Ah and let me tell you something about last tuesday, the day I had a modelcasting in Amsterdam. Laura, my mom and me arrived at 3 o'clock in Amsterdam. First we went to the Beijenkorf, very very very huge. We visited the toilet, at which you also could pay with mastercard, cool! After that we just took a look at the amazing amount of clothing. After the Beijenkorf where all the cloths were just a little bit above our budget, we went to the H&M flagshipstore. Very cute shop with a huge variety of things. I really loved the H&M home collection and the suède shoes i met there (unfortunately they didn't fit as good as i wanted them to)

Anyway! After the flagshipstore, we went shopping in the Kalverstraat, very commercial, but realllllllllly nice! Laura and me loved the Bershka, ZARA, MANGO and Pimkie! And I bought myself the best cupcake I ever had (and oh it shóuld be very tasty with a price of exactly 3,50 euros!) It was a chocolat cupcake with a very nice topping of strawberry and chocolat sprinkles! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it. Well, enough about my Amsterdam shopping experience, my intention was to write about the casting. The casting was at shoppingcentre Kalvertoren, in a sweet café on the topfloor. My mom and I took the elevator and the view I saw there was amazing, I could see every piece of Amsterdam city, wonderful. The casting itself wasn't really special. I brought some pictures with me, what they really appreciated. After that they measured my measures, they took some snapshots of me and after five minutes i was at the floor of the MANGO again. They told me that they will call me the day after the casting with the message that i passed the casting or that i didn't. But after 20 minutes they called me: They were very enthusiastic about me and they really loved my red hair. I made it to the Modelution Model Training! Three days in Friesland filled with all kinds of little courses. Things like make-up, walking at the catwalk, presenting yourself and stuff like that. Just to prepare you for the fashionworld. I am sooooooo excited, those days are going to be awesome, I'm sure. And I hope I will pass the modeltraining too!

Oh by the way, of course I took some collectionmagazines! Here some pictures.


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