11 april 2011

Casting Amsterdam

At least i will take this pic with me.
Waaauw! After a lot of picturedumping, i will now write something on my blog. Tomorrow i will be at a modelcasting for Modelution. A few days ago the model manager of Modelution approached me for this casting. I'm invited at the Kalverstraat at 05.30 pm. My outfit has to be very simple: a tanktop, highheels and skinny jeans. At café Kalvertoren i will meet the staff of Modelution and we will get to know each other a little bit better. I have to bring some pictures with me, so im having a very huge dilemma right now. They are going to take some pictures of me and i have to walk a little bit, as if i'm on the catwalk. Just to see if my posture is right. I am really excited and I hope that everything is gonna be fine.

Fun fact: I have to wait two à three hours @ Amsterdam, so all that rests me to say is one thing: SHOPPINGTIIIIIME! And oh, my bestfriend Laura will be with me tomorrow :) And of course my mom.

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