4 augustus 2011

My week so far

My week so far actually wasn't quite special. I bought some cute things for the appartment, like the two boxes with flowerprint below. Only for 1 euro each. And a lot of practical things like a closet for the bathroom, longdrinks, teaglasses, wineglasses waterglasses (made of recycled glass, really happy with these ones!), cute boxes for in my Expeditcloset of Ikea and a cute soapchain for the toilet. Will post a picture soon. Also bought two dvds I've been craving for for a long time: Eat pray love and step up 3. Already watched the last one, I think the first twos are better than the third, but also this one is an amazing one. I love the day the dicounttickets for La Place arrive, lovely sandwiched and the most delicious fruitshakes ever. And yeey, I'm able to buy the vitaminwater for half the price this coming month <3 This week I made a little box, covered in wallpaper with a cute ribbon around it. Bought myself a blouse as well, a lovely one with flowerprint and another flowerprint will show up when you turn over the sleeve.

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