10 augustus 2011

I know it for sure. I do love food.

Today I made this wonderful salad of tuna, tomatoes and pickles. It is a really easy receipe, made up my myself. I made dressing with quark and just the herbs I'd love to put in. I chose persillade, a french mix of dried garlic and parsley. After that I mixed it all together and I started cutting the pickles and the tomatoes. I put it all together in a bowl and added the tuna, in this case tuna in sunflower oil. Just mix these three ingredients, add the dressing and off you go.

We're having two plants of mint right now in our kitchen. I really love fresh mint, especially in smoothies and of course for making your own cup of fresh minttea (in combination with cane sugar, deliiiiicious, really) Below: the plants and the result.

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  1. I'm so going to the Appie tomorrow! :) Thanks for the recipe! ^^