26 juni 2011

Me for Lynday McNeill from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

Last thursday I had my first fashionshow and I really enjoyed my time there in Amsterdam. I arrived at 11.00 pm, after walking in a huge, huge rainshower. The location was 'Onder de brug', a very good choice in my opinion. Simple, big and perfect for a show like this. After two hours make-up and hairdoing, my hair was like a high ponytale, flicked up on top with a lot of Elnett hairspray. My make-up was very natural, just foundation, a little bit of eyeshadow, mascara and a softpink lippencil for my lips. I really love the collection Lynday had made. My outfit was a knitted, cremewhite dress, very comfortable to wear. And the thing on top of the dress was made of many different materials. She bought the lovely nude/oldpinkshoes at ZARA, I went looking for them at the webshop, but they're sold out unfortunately.
Photo shot by Sydney Korsse

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