4 mei 2011

Model Training Update

Oh my god, it's been sooo long ago.
But I just got back home from the three most beautiful days of 2011 so far!
Last monday I went to a little, well actually very little place in The Netherlands, called Bant for the Model Training of Modelution Model Management! And it was so enourmously amazing. It was just like perrrrrrfect to me.
I was at this training with 25 other beautiful potential models.
Well, let me tell you something about these days. At first we had a delicious lunch! With fresh fruit, vegetables and different kinds of bread. After the lunch we had the ''Present thy self''training! Very useful, we learnt a lot about how to present your self in the right way and after that we had to present ourselves. Just your name, age, inner and outer features and your expectation of being a model.

After this training, two students of Fashion Design in Utrecht visited us. This year they will finish this study with a finalshow in which they present their own handmade collection. Of course they needed some models for this finalshow, so we were asked to do a speedcasting. The first student was making a collection with the theme ''The day the sun will die'' so the models were supposed to walk very straight and seriously. The second one was making a collection in which every piece has to be twice as big as it should be. In this case the models were supposed to walk relaxed and a little bit weird. We had to choose one of the students for the casting. I chose the first one, so I had to walk straight and seriously. After the speedcasting, we had diner and some qualitytime for ourselves. In the evening we had a 2,5 hours during catwalktraining. Very efficient (poor feet of mine!)

At tuesday we started with a delicious breakfast (with boiled eggs, yeah!) After that we had an individual photoshoot with a fashionphotographer! This was the best experience éver. I already saw some pictures during my shoot, they looked amazing, thanks to the photographer! After the shoot we had the speedcasting-training. We learnt things like: natural make-up and wearing a basic outfit (just black tank top, skinny jeans and high heels, at least 10cm) After this training we had to put things into practice, because a model scout of Milan (!!!!) visited us, she was looking for a new model for her agency. So we had a casting, again and we had to take some pictures with us. The scout selected fourteen girls, also me, yeah! We had to put on our bikini's and yeah, that's very cold when it's 15 degrees outside :) The scout took pictures of us and she also filmed us while we were walking. Oh by the way, my hair is officially certified as ''strawberry blond'', how cute. The scout told me that I really could be a model, also international. I mean, that's like a huge huge compliment and I was very excited to hear that of someone like her. After the casting we went to the training ''Powder and Paint'' which was all about the do's and dont's of make-up, face-cleansing and facial care.

Today was the last day and started with a breakfast, followed by a tough work-out! They all gave us an electric skipping-rope, really cool but we of course had to test this weird-looking electric monster! After the work-out we had a mediatraining, followed by an interview with a reporter who is going to write something about these three days. We also took a group-pic today, which was very funny, because we were all dressed like: black tanktop, skinny jeans and high heel, as if we were all clones :) We ended today with a finalshow for all the parents, our supporters from now on. Let me say it just one more time: these three days were unbelievably amazing...

And unfortunately my suit-case is still filled with clothing, make-up, a lot of tips, experience, memories and of course high heels!


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