11 mei 2011

Lara Stone @ VOGUE Paris septembre 2009

Blondine Lara Stone
Time for a new magazinepost! One and a half ago I was on a holiday at France where I bought the Vogue Paris with Laura Stone on the cover. This issue stands in my room between the Vogue EspaƱa, Vogue Italia, Vogue British and Vogue Hellas. The shoot with Lara Stone inside the magazine is brilliant. I love the way she's dressed, the rooms she's in and especially the way she looks! Laura Stone was a brunette in this issue but she's a blondine now. She gets a very cute face as blondine but in my opinion the brunette-version is much better! The expression in her face is per-fect in this Vogue-issue, thanks to her dark hair. Below some pictures of this masterpiece shoot.

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