25 mei 2011

The first sign of doing nothing

I'm so happy, more than ever. Today I passed my seventh exam and all that's left is my English-examen of tomorrow. So that means: No learning anymore! Now I'm pulling of the wrapping-paper of my books and after that I will throw away all the papers of the last few years. Incredible feeling! The coming days are gonna be awesome! Tomorrow I will eat and drink something at La Place with some friends of mine, after that I will have a cheese fondue at my boyfriend's place. The programme of friday is just: doing nothing. Saturday I will have to go to the Amsterdam Fashion Institute for my intake and after that I'm going to an after-examparty also at my boyfriend's place! Now I'm just drinking a cup of Forest Fruit Tea of Lipton while enjoying my Twix and my laptop! Love <3

Whoa, it's art! With tea, yeah! (and it's me and my camera in my cup of tea)

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