22 april 2011

Brandnew purchases

Yesterday I went to Zwolle for some shopping-quality-time with my mom. The weather was lovely and it was very hot outside. Doesn't matter anyway, because I was wearing my sandals and sunglasses, hihi. Of course I bought some very nice stuff (I can't go shopping without buying anything, it's feminine disease I think..) like: a camel leather Indian notebook with a very cute lace. I bought also another metal jewelrybox with a vintage look and my mom bought me a silver-look bracelet with only big roses as beads. At ''De Tuinen'' I bought almost the whole Aloë Vera Collection, like the eye mosturizer, facial cream and body lotion. This collection works perfectly for my thin gingerskin ;) At Dille and Kamille, a very cute shop with really anything you need in your bathroom and kitchen, I bought cute little cupcake pastry mouls.Oh last but not least, I bought at United Colors of Benneton a very nice darkmintgreen blouse with a little bit of grey in it and a tigerprintlook wayfarer for only €7,99. Today I will wear my new blouse with my camel trousers and my camel suède wedges! Below some pictures of my new purchases
Me and my new sunglasses + blouse

This is my collection metal jewelryboxes right now

Innovative solution: all my rings in a shell

Another innovative solution: an old teabox in which I keep my perfume, lipgloss, Rosebud and ribbons

My new Indian notebook with leather sleeve

Love that print

Present for my boyfriend

Rosy bracelet

Next step: making oreocupcakes

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